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故事梗概 Synopsis 那年的中秋节,永世在自己的房间自杀了。深爱著永世的木人,承受著失去爱人的伤痛,独活在两人共同居住的公寓里。但是属於两人的记忆如同刀刃,思念让木人遍体鳞伤,离群索居。中秋节又要到了,面对死亡,爱人、亲人、朋友该如何面对? That year, Shih committed suicide in his room on the day of the Moon Festival. Wei, deeply in love with Shih, is still suffering from the loss of his beloved and lives in their apartment in grief. Memory cuts like a dagger, unbearable yearning hurts, and Wei isolates himself. This year, the Moon Festival is right around the corner. How will Wei handle things in the face of his lover, relatives and friends, and the deceased one himself?


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